Women in Leadership Coaching

In the corporate world men and women often approach a broad range of business issues differently for very good reasons. Unfortunately women often feel at disadvantage because they have not yet learned the ‘invisible rules of success’. Let us help you understand what is going on and how you can flourish in this environment.

My role as coach and trainer; is to inspire women to rise up and break through the “glass ceiling”​ to take on Executive and Leadership roles for themselves, their teams and their societies. Traditionally men have been viewed as the ones with the power to lead, but more and more Fortune 500 companies are striving for a 50/50 male to female roles on Boards, in Executive positions as women are just as capable as men; But along with tradition comes the mindsets held by women:

  • Fear of failure/success
    Fear of not being perfect for the job
    Fear of taking risks
    Over-analysing decisions
    Personalising feedback
    Fear of not being liked
    Limiting financial beliefs
    “Imposter syndrome”​
    Fear of competing with “Boy’s clubs”​
  • and so many, many more.

Women Leadership Coaching


  • Goal setting
  • Everything Workplace DiSC Assessment and Debrief available for an additional charge
  • Executive Women’s Questionnaire with personalized feedback
  • One Coaching/Mentoring session per month, minimum 18 months
  • Personal Development Plan
  • Access to Client’s Only link
  • Unlimited e-mail support

Cost: $325.00+ per session (depending upon the coach selected). Minimum of 18 sessions. Payable in three installments.


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