Why Would You Need a Life Coach?


When people find out that I’m a Life Coach, their response is, “what is that?” followed by, “what can you do for me?” The question asks both what is a Life Coach and what life coaching can do. I will endeavour to answer this question.

Personal Trainer is like a Life Coach

When you first arrive at a gym and organise a trainer, the trainer usually talks with you to discover your goals. You might want to get fit, or to win a body building contest or anything in between. As a Life Coach I also do this. I need to understand what you want in order to help you get it. Quite often however, people do not have their goals formatted in a useful way. Other times they do but lack the skills to achieve the goal. As a Life Coach I can teach you some of the best ways to build and then achieve the goals you want.

Initial Meeting with a Client

Every time I take on a new client, we sit down and discuss the goals and aspirations the client has. We discuss what they expect of me and what I expect from them. The client will be responsible for doing the things that need to get done, for doing their ‘homework’ so to speak. The client will be required to make the decisions. I can assist in the decision, pointing out options or issues, but I can’t and not willing to make decisions that effect your life and business. You need to commit to your life without abdication. Coming to a life coach is a step in this process, but definitely not the last.

The Process

I’m exposed to many different people with different ways of doing the same or similar things. Often I’m asked, “Is this the right way?” The only answer I can give to this is, “Does it work for you as well as you want it to?” If it does work, great, it’s a right way, but probably not the only ‘right’ way. If not, then a Life Coach can help you find ways to be enhance these skills, enabling you to do what you want to do efficiently and effectively. As a Life Coach I can examine these methods and offer possible improvements.

If there is something that you can’t do yet a Life Coach can train you in different ways to achieve this skill. Think of it like going to the gym. You can turn up in your shorts and shirt, sit on the bench press and lift weights all day long. Doing this, you have to learn via trial and error the best way to build your strength. If you had access to a personal trainer, they have already done this research and are able to train you to achieve faster and more effective muscle building. A Life Coach is similar, but with a different focus. Just as a physical trainer spends much time learning about the human body, how it works, and how it doesn’t, a Life Coach learns how we think and manage ourselves to help you achieve what you want. The coaches I work with are Master NLP practitioners. Most are also trained in hypnotherapy. From different walks of life, and with very different experience, coupled with NLP technology they can help you achieve. I update my skills at the very least every 3 months. Finding out what has worked the best, and what hasn’t.

A Life Coach can teach you how to make better, more effective decisions, help you decide on which decision to take. They can offer a solid support network to enable you to make these decisions and discuss different options with you that move you forward towards your goal. They can not make critical choices for you. It is your life after all.

A Life Coach Versus a Therapist

Secondly, a Life Coach is not a therapist. We want you to be better, more successful, happier. We therefore want to concentrate on what you want, rather than just concentrating on fixing historical problems. Although I’m also trained in counselling, hypnosis and other therapeutic methods.

Finally, a Life Coach is not a friend. You are paying them your hard-earned money. They are committed to helping you achieve what you want. At times they need to make a hard choice and tell you things you may not want to hear. A friend, as we all know, is sometimes afraid to tell us what we do not want to hear.

How to Choose a Life Coach

1/ There are a LOT of Life Coaches out there practicing who have had no training or qualifications in how to be a Life Coach.  These people go by life experience and may be judgemental as against a Life Coach who reserves all judgement as they realise the NLP Pressuposition “The Map Is Not The Territory”, meaning that what is real to the clients is how they see the world, and not how the Life Coach sees the world, in otherwords, their perspective. So ensure that the Life Coach has qualifications from a reputable Life Coaching Institute – in particular, one that is recognised by the “International Coaching Federation”.

2/  Trust! As you will be sharing a lot of your personal thoughts and feelings with a Life Coach, you’ll need to feel comfortable and get along with the Life Coach, so you need to establish some rapport.  Call a few Life Coaches (as most give you free 15 – 30 minutes of coaching time) to see if they are a good fit for you and your goals. Do they listen more than speak? Are they present, or are they doing something else in the background? Do they quickly understand your perspective on how you see your world around you? Do they ask a LOT of questions that require you to think about things that you wouldn’t normally think about (ie insights) or do they suddenly have an answer to your problem (a Life Coach will lead YOU to your OWN answers)? Do they make eye contact (very important)?

3/ Do they have testimonies by clients they have had in the past? This is essential as it shows that the Life Coach has a level of experience. Do they have a client they can suggest you ring to get a second opinion, do they have an online presence, have they been mentioned in social media? GOOGLE THEIR NAMES! Do your due-diligence as too many people have been taken by Life Coaches who haven’t taken the journey of learning the ropes of the trade.

4/ Finally, when you have found a good Life Coach with whom you want to work with, relax and trust the journey they will take you on, as you become so much more self aware as you let go of so much emotional energy through moving through each one of your issues into a new world full of opportunities and miracles.

Doing What it Takes

In the gym, the coach pushes you for that one more lift, just one more. That single lift can be hard, seemingly impossible. However, your coach knows you can do it, they also know the results you want are easier and closer when you do just one more. They know that one lift makes a two-week difference. If you want it easy, that can be arranged, but if you want the most out of your Life Coach, and out of life, sometimes you need to lift just one more.

This shows some of the things that I can do for you, and some of the things I can’t. This as I’m sure you can appreciate does not cover everything I can do with you. It covers the main points, and gives you a good idea on what is involved when working with a Life Coach.

If you’d like to know more, please call me on +61408433116, or email me at sue@permanentlifechanges.com, and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.


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