Why Forgiveness Is Important


Because it cleanses you from your “emotional bagguage’ so you don’t end up repeating the same patterns of behavior which then attracts the same type of people and situations into your life.

If you have bitterness, then you’ll attract bitter people into your life, if you have resentment, betrayal or anger – then you’ll find yourself at the hands of people who will resent you, betray you, or be angry towards you.

How Forgiveness Works

Carol was a client of mine who left a dead end marriage after her husband said he didn’t love her anymore because she had “an unattractive personality”.

Sometime later she was attracted to and moved in with John, who she deemed her soulmate.  It wasn’t long before she found herself in a relationship with a controlling narcissist.  Carol trusted that by pleasing him, he would lay off from his endless lectures and criticisms about how much pain she brought him.  John made Carol give up work, so she could be available to him whenever he pleased.  John was so controlling that overtime Carol was brainwashed.  Believing she was all of the things John said she was, her self-esteem plummeted and she found simple, basic tasks challenging to do.

Little did she know that this was going to be her turning point in life  Carol was going to have to confront her own demons.

So she started reading everything she could about relationships so she could make her relationship with John work. Instead of finding out that he was the cause of everything that was happening to her, she was actually the one that needed to change.

Vibrational Frequency

Over time she realized that she was everything that John represented; angry, resentful, bitter, betrayed. And up until that point in time, she had been in denial of it all, just a John was.

So she started to monitor her thoughts by becoming more present.  Over time her responses to John were much less reactive and more empathetic as she saw John as he truly was. A little boy who had been hurt in the past and had never grown up.

Fortunately she came to me for help.  I showed her that despite all of those negative feelings, that all she had to do was to forgive all of those people and life situations that had caused her to feel that way.

Over a few months she identified and forgave each and every one; her parents for divorcing when she was very young, the infidelity of her former husband, the people who had taken her life savings, and many more, finally ending with John and the hurt he inflicted upon her.


Finally Carol was free.


Once she was able to release the energy contained within her “emotional bagguage”, she found the strength to leave John and move on.  Concerned that she was going to attract the same type of person into her life she took her time in finding someone new.  When she finally did, Steve was the total opposite to John.  Steve was kind, caring, loving and happy with his life.  All the things that Carol now was.

To truly forgive, you only need to be WILLING to forgive.  According  to the scale of vibrational  energy (see diagram) – willingness is just on the borderline of raising your vibration enough so that your energy changes which then changes what you attract in life.


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