What you Focus on Expands – Send Love and Appreciation



Your focus contains thoughts which contain energy.  The first question I usually ask my clients when they come to me with a problem is, “On a score of 0% – 100%, how much energy (thoughts) are you expending on this problem?”.

Everytime it’s well over 50%.

The Secret

HopeThe secret is that what you focus on is what you’ll attract more and more into your life.  Whether it’s  family arguments, the lack of love in a relationship, the expense of bills……….an illness etc.

So when they ask me what they should do, I help them to reframe their situation.  This means to look at the problem with a different perspective.  Change your perspective, you change your life.

So how do you do this?  When it comes to:

 Relationships – focus on what you appreciate about that person or accept that whatever they are blaming you for is their own emotional baggage they’re dealing with – so it’s “their stuff, not yours”. In otherwords, detach yourself from “their stuff’.

Money – focus on the abundance of the material things in your life; a roof over your head (irrespective if it is crumbling), petrol in your car, your car, your job (or however you gain money), your clients, the food in your fridge – as these are the things that money brings into our lives.

Health – instead of focussing on how much pain you are in and sending resentful thoughts as to why you have to suffer due to your health issue ie weight, illness etc – send love and appreciation for the magnificent a machine your body is, appreciate that your heart pumps, your lungs breathe, your stomach digests nourishment into you etc – reversing this energy creates miracles.

You get the idea.

Alternatively just think of something different such as what you appreciate in your life.

You only need to do this consistently for 48 hours before you notice a change in your circumstances.  Why?  Because your energy has changed and so everything else around you must change to align with your new energy.

Why does it take 48 hours –

1/ because fortunately the Universe has given us a gift of a time lapse (imagine what would happen if our bad thoughts manifested immediately L ……(Note: on occasion it may seem things get worse before they get better – this is called ‘manifestation debris’ – as the Universe is clearing out all of the negative energy to make way for the positive things coming your way, and

2/ every time you repeat a thought in your mind, a coat of protein seals over the new thought pathway in your brain  So the more you have the same positive or negative thought, the stronger it gets, the more often you’ll repeat that same thought, the more it will become a habitual way of thinking.  This process takes about 48 hours to set the process going – after that you’ll find it takes less effort to think positively.

 Negative Feelings

PS: A word of caution though.  We are human beings and we have feelings when “stuff happens”.  If you find something disastrous happen, express those feelings (as they are the power engine behind what you attract) and let them out………a good yell to yourself somewhere private, bashing of a cushion, or a darn good cry should lift those feelings up and out of you.  Then you will no longer feel like dwelling your thoughts or your feelings on the negativity

Sue Storey
Diploma in Life Coaching
Relationship Coach
Castle Hill, New South Wales, 2154


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