Is Life Any Easier With Your Soulmate?

I believe that we each attract to ourselves the person who is the best reflection of who we are ourselves, and therefore relationships are about us learning more about who we are, and how we can grow to be more aligned with our most authentic selves.   Everyone I’ve had in my life, in their… [Continue Reading]

How To Build A Supportive Relationship

We grow up facing life’s challenges – some easy, some difficult. With each challenge or adversity that we overcome – we become stronger.  We also start to get more creative in protecting ourselves from being hurt by others by hiding our weaknesses. So we appear strong despite how we feel inside.  But when life gets… [Continue Reading]

Critical Factors You Must Know About Your Partner

Ok, so – you are in a relationship. Whether things are going well or not so well – after a while you start to believe that you know your partner fairly well. You know where they grew up, what they do, who their friends are, what is their relationship like with their siblings, you know… [Continue Reading]

How To Reconnect In A Stale Relationship

Most people try and go with the flow in their relationships or play things by the ear. If things are ok, do nothing. No need to spoil a good thing. If there is a problem, you can go and try to fix it. But if there’s no problem – why bother. That is a not… [Continue Reading]

How to save your relationship even if it’s in the rocks

All relationships go through this. After some time you just ask yourself: Do I want to be with him / her for the rest of my life? When one of the partners starts having doubts, the relationship starts to suffer because that partner starts to withdraw from the togetherness and the other one will feel… [Continue Reading]

How To Keep Your Relationship Alive After The “Honeymoon Period”

Many think that finding Mr/Mrs Right is all that is needed in order to live a happily ever after. But this is not the case. Sustaining a long-term relationship takes work. All relationships go through the cycle of Spring-Summer-Autumn-Winter-Spring-Summer etc Spring and summer at the start of a relationship are what’s referred to as the… [Continue Reading]

What to avoid like the plague if you want a long-lasting relationship

Sweeping things under the carpet is never a good thing. And yet – many couples think that when you don’t pay attention to the negatives in the relationship, or you just ignore them – with time they’ll go away. Let me tell you – relationship problems are like leaving bananas on the kitchen counter. As… [Continue Reading]

How to get over your ex in 3 easy steps

When a relationship ends sometimes it is a very emotional, very painful experience. You might think that you had your chance in love and that you’ll live without love, intimacy and tenderness till the rest of your life. Or you might be mad at your ex – for all the things they did, all the… [Continue Reading]

The reason why LOVE is not enough for a lasting relationship

Even the most romantic and optimistic person in the world has noticed and learned that love is not always the answer to everything. And that if you two love each other very much – that is just not enough to make a lasting relationship and a happy loving home together. Most people explain this with… [Continue Reading]

The magic phrases that will save your relationship in a fight

In every couples’ fight there has to be some rules. Fights are good but the fights that ruin your relationship – not so much. So, how do you make sure that you let it all out without throwing your relationship out the window. And, what are the magic phrases to save your relationship when you… [Continue Reading]


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