Training Workshops

As a Qualified Trainer, Sue Storey has designed, developed and facilitated many workshops across Australia with;

  • the Australian Defence Forces (Military),
  • Sales Call Centres,
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Property Managers
  • Finance industry
  • Management Consultancy Agencies
  • in all sectors, Government, Corporate and Small Business

Learning Environment

However, experienced Trainers can facilitate workshops in any industry without prior knowledge of the industry.  This is because coaches are not adviser, counsellors or consultants in that they possess a unique set of skills that focus on the individual’s psychological state.  Most large organisations have specialised learning and development training programs that specialise in up-skilling employees for that particular industry.

The value that a coach as a trainer brings to the organisation is the ability to avoid categorising any individual or group of individuals into a set of specific set of rules around how “things are done”, and can bring a fresh view to the organisations way of doing things.  This gives the employees the opportunity to think “outside of the box” to be creative and innovative in their approach to learning new skills.  This way, individuals can be more open to new suggestions and more willing to expand their comfort zones to make necessary changes. Which is essential to the growth and expansion of the organisation.


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