Total Inner Healing – Self Awareness Program


There is so much spiritual material around, but none have given us a system or practical steps as to how to reach the state of where we are blissfully happy with our lives.

It’s established that all suffering and pain comes from the Ego due to fears of not being unconditional loved.  We are told that the only way we can get unconditional love is to unconditionally love ourselves, but how do we get there when you have deep set fears, limiting beliefs, and worries that sabotage our efforts to be happy?

Through 20 years of personal research and trying various courses, books, and spiritual retreats, even once becoming a born-again Christian – I’m now convinced that the Ego is purely based on our subconscious programming.  Afterall we weren’t born with any fears – we accumulated them from experiences and the beliefs we formulated about them.

Even Deepak Chopra says:

The things I fear the most have already happened.”

Basically this means that your fears have come from experiences you have had between the time you were born and now.  So it stands to reason that at some point in your life you “happened” on an experience that created a fear within you.  Undo the belief behind those fears (which are held in the subconscious) and you can bit by bit disable the Ego. Remembering that the Ego only exists to protect the body and keep you alive. Yet when babies are born they have no fears – we only develop an Ego when we get to the age of about 7 years old when we start to view ourselves separate to others.

The key to all of this begins with becoming self-aware of what fears, beliefs and worries we have and why.  Once we become aware of these things we are 90% on our way there.

But what if there are so many fears, beliefs and worries – where do you start? Especially when you don’t know what you don’t know……… how can you see what these aspects are if they are hidden?

The answers can be found through our relationships and experiences we have involving other people.  Why?  Because other people serve a purpose in our lives to teach us life lessons, mirror our fears and beliefs, and reveal our responses – that all unravel what we are about.

This program is a proven system whereby you are gently guided to reveal your greatest hurts and heal them…….as it’s only through

  • releasing the deep set emotions from these hurts,
  • forgiving the people involved in our lessons, and
  • uncover and reprogram the hidden beliefs that we have made us believe about ourselves, and
  • let go of the attachments we have to the past

can we start the healing process and end the pain and suffering.

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