The reason why LOVE is not enough for a lasting relationship

Even the most romantic and optimistic person in the world has noticed and learned that love is not always the answer to everything. And that if you two love each other very much – that is just not enough to make a lasting relationship and a happy loving home together.

Most people explain this with the degree of compatibility between the two of you. If the two of you are very different – have different hobbies, or tastes in life, or you want different things in life – things just don’t click. And even if you two are madly in love with each other – the other things will get your relationship to fall apart and the love you have for each other to not be enough for a fairy tale happy ending.

All that is true but not entirely true. And I’ll tell you why. When you were a toddler – you had someone hold your hands and help you until you learned to sit, and then walk. When you went to school – you had someone tell you what the alphabet is and teach you how to write. When you wanted to learn how to drive – there was someone to show you how to drive a car, that are the rules and regulations of driving on the streets.

See, to be able to be in a long lasting happy relationship is a skill. It is something that you either learn on your own with the trial and error method, and a lot of pain and tears if you ask me, or you get someone to help you and teach you the things you need to see, say and know in order o have your happily ever after. Where can you learn from?

1. Read self-help books


download (1)I always recommend reading books. Especially from people who are already successful in their relationships. You can also read autobiographies of people who are total failure in their personal life despite their success in their professional life – like Liz Taylor’s for example. And you can ask yourself – what is the reason for these people to not be successful in their relationships

2. Learn about other people’s relationships

I admit that if you have the eye for it – the gossip columns in the magazines can be very helpful. the books with multiple failed marriages like Liz Taylor’s, Britney Spears’ and Taylor Swift’s can teach you a lot. They can teach you what is not working so that you don’t do it in your life.

3. Get someone to teach you how to be successful in your relationships

Even if you read a lot of books, or you watch reality shows that help you understand the human nature, even if you get some insights into what leads to a good relationship – let me tell you – it is not enough. You’ll also need someone to act like a mirror for you. Someone to show you what is it that you are doing wrong, what is it that you need to improve, what is it that you are doing better.

Relationships are like swimming – it’s possible that if you don’t know how to swim – you’ll drown, or when thrown into deep waters you may manage to stay afloat and maybe swim a little. But in order to be a good swimmer – you need a teacher – to teach you how to breathe and help you learn how to do things the right way.

For a step-by-step approach to making these changes happen. Your first step is to go to

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  1. Amado Cacciatori says:

    I like this blog so much, saved to bookmarks. “I don’t care what is written about me so long as it isn’t true.” by Dorothy Parker.

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