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Relationships - Wayne Dyer Quote   With the new year already starting, if you haven’t done your New Year’s resolutions, now is the time. And, since we are on the subject of relationships – have you ever had a relationship resolutions? Let me tell you – these resolutions make you a better person, better partner and help you in your life. Read on to see my top 5 relationship resolutions:
1. Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you Very easy resolution and quite fun to do. Instead of becoming a better person, which would involve being better for others, you can be a healthy egoist and have fun treating yourself with the utmost care, love, attention, and generosity. And don’t forget to do all the things that you like.
2. Quit taking emotional responsibility for other people I know, it sound very egotistical and we are taught from a very young age to not think of ourselves only. But this is different.Often others will want to burden us with their worries and will expect from us to get involved in their drama, even if it’s only to be a good friend who listens. If your relationship resolution is to be there for them but not get preoccupied with how they should do things differently or better, then your life will be so much better.
3. Start looking for the opportunity to grow in all the problems in your life As the Law of Attraction masters say: If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at start changing. What that means is – life is complicated and no matter what – you’ll have good things happen to you and bad things happen to you. When a bad things happen or you have problems that keep you up at night – look at them and say: How is this an opportunity for me to grow? You will be surprised at the miracles this little question can do for you.
4. Whatever happened it had to happen That is a very good mantra with a lot of wisdom behind it. See, we often, very often forget that we are only human. We make mistakes. The kind of mistakes we can’t go back from. And trust me when I tell you – it hurt when you realise that it’s your doing that things got the way they did. Now, your task for this year is to realise that if you knew better you would have done differently. That you made a mistake and there’s absolutely no value in beating yourself up for it. All you can do is learn from your mistakes and move on. Can you do that?
5. To feel good is your personal responsibility The vibes you give off to others are what sets the tone of how they interact with you. What that means is that if you are always busy, snappy, angry, depressed, sad, etc. etc – you give off frenetic, negative vibes and people will have a hard time jumping out of joy when they see you. But if you make it a point each day of the year to find time to feel good about yourself, to remind yourself that feeling good is what makes you happy and that it’s your job to feel good. Let me tell you, that resolution only can turn your life around in just one year.

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