The 4 Levels of Thinking – Determine How Happy Your Life Is!


There are 4 levels of thinking – each level helps to you to create your life in either a helpful or unhelpful way.

Level 1 thinking is when you are doing what feels good for you,
–  is good for you, 
–  is good for others 
–  is good for the greater good.
 When you are thinking at Level 1, you are fully responsible for your own life. 100% responsible for any results you get and never attribute blame or recrimination or justify a situation, because it is your core belief that you learn and grow from all situations.
The aim is to live at Level 1 – looking for the good in every situation, embracing change, choosing to take full responsibility for all your actions and living in gratitude and you’ll attract great good things into your life.

Level 2 thinking is when what you are doing does not feel good, but is
–  good for you
–  good for others
–  good for the greater good
You may be well aware that there is room for change and you are not entirely sure how to go about this. It’s where you start to step up and your thoughts get focussed on following through on those things in life that you have been putting off, like exercising to lose weight, networking to build business contacts, spending time with your kids.  Eventually you see progress and results, which enable you to think more at a Level 1 and enjoy the benefits of Level 1 thinking.  The key to Level 2 thinking is to just DO IT no matter how uncomfortable it is for you as the rewards are far greater in the end.

Level 3 thinking is where what you are doing feels good, but it is
– not good for you
– not good for others
– not good for the greater good
It is this kind of thinking that has us rationalizing why we can’t lose weight, stop smoking or drinking. It’s the “not good enough” mantra and other unhelpful stories that we create to stay stuck. You might live in hope that things will change, but until you move up a level of thinking, this is where you are going to stay stuck. Responsiblity is only taken as a matter of convenience and is surrendered when the feelings of self doubt and lack bubble to the surface.

Level 4 thinking is where you are paralysed by procrastination and stress. You may have addiction issues, either drugs, alcohol or gambling and you are caught up in circles of thoughts that keep you stuck here.
This level doesn’t feel good at all and
–  it’s not good for me
–  not good for others
–  not good for the greater good.

So what level will you choose to be thinking at today?

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