Taking back Control of Your Life – By Owning It!


We hear it every day. It’s not my fault, it had nothing to do with me, the dog ate my lunch and the list goes on. It’s called blame.

Whatever happened to accountability?

The blame game is a universal game played out in everyday society.

Ask yourself. Do you live above the line or below the line?



The easy thing to do here, is tell yourself you are above the line, but is that really where you are? The most convenient and painless way to justify everything that happens to us is to point the finger elsewhere; it is so, so easy to do.

Blaming others may well bring some short term relief but the action will hold you back more than you could ever imagine.

Excuses started way back when Adam suggested the reason he took a bite out of the apple was because Eve gave it to him and you know we hear more excuses in a day than we hear compliments in a month.

I have a challenge for you. Try listing all your excuses and have some fun with it. Once completed, look at the same list through a different pair of glasses.

If you want something bad enough, the process is simple. Just turn all your excuses into the exact reason why you are changing.

The perfect example is that you don’t have time. Isn’t having more time with family the reason you are building your business?

Denial is the bottom of the bed. On the surface people suggest that they live their lives with honesty and integrity. You see, whilst honesty is telling the truth, Integrity is keeping promises and fulfilling expectations. Do not deny yourself the need to change if you believe change is what you need.

Live your life above the line and develop the emotional and mental muscles that you’ll need to handle the challenges ahead.

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