Selling & Persuading with NLP


Have you ever wondered why some sales people just have the “magic” with customers and no matter how hard you try – you just can’t get the same results?

In this program I reveal the hidden techniques that top sales professionals unconsciously use and how you can master these simple but profound techniques by using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming), a series of powerful discoveries about behaviour, communication and trust.

You will learn to speak the language of the prospect’s own mind!

This program will teach you to become;

  • a detective of human behaviour,
  • to reinforce the trust you have gained and communicate with your clients on deeper, ever more subtle, levels.
  • Using both verbal and physical skills, you will learn how to pace your sales meetings.
  • Every sales person will discover how to establish rapport with ease and assurance
  • Listen to clients more effectively
  • Turn objections into approval, and
  • Discover a client’s buying strategy in minutes.

While the clock ticks away……..the dollars slip away!

For a Limited Time only – “Persuade Anyone with NLP” is also included in this program.


Contact Sue Storey now on 0408 433 116 or email: – to register your interest for the next upcoming training program – hurry as there are only 9 seats left.


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