“Results” Program

Strategy, Empowerment and Results

These three words epitomises the YB12 Results Program and are NOT complex processes that once documented gather dust on the bookshelf of your office.

This is an integrated, focused and deliberate approach to achieving measurable results for your business.

We know how to get results just read what Macquarie Bank said about us after we implemented the program across three of their divisions. A 200% increase in business! This amounted to an estimated one billion dollar increase in sales for the year immediately following the program.


YB12 Results program Empowers Your Team Members to Win – within your business and in their lives. Empowered individuals are much more confident, self-aware, emotionally intelligent, motivated, making a far more powerful employee.
Just Imagine – what would it feel like – to have an entire team of empowered individuals all laser focussed on the over-all goals of your business!! Each one of them being Empowered Champions for the cause for your business!
That’s what we’re offering here.


Not only is it very AFFORDABLE, but you get unprecedented support and substance that is not found in any other coaching program!​​

My role as a YB12 Corporate coach isn’t to be with you for a day, a few session, or even a month – but to be with you for all of 13 months, ensuring you experience your ‘Best Year of Your Business Life’.

So let’s get started…….

Keynote Talk to Your People

In order for you to gain a deeper appreciation of how we, together, can inspire and stimulate the minds of your whole organisation to all sing to the tune of your business, you’ll find the YB12 Business Coaching will do for you what it did for MacQuarie Bank Mortgages – taking your business from good to great – placing you at the Head of the Game!

Tired of playing small?…….then Change the Playing Field ……..and BOOK ME today for a Free Keynote Talk to Your Team

(Note: Your staff will experience a significant increase in productivity after the Introductory Talk alone!!!)

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