Repeating the Same Relationship Patterns?

Why do we constant attract the same type of partner or situation again and again in our lives?

Imagine brainwaves are like radio waves. radio waves are sent out by a transmitter, travel around invisibly until picked up by a receiver (a radio). Only then can they be matched to a certain channel that is on the same wavelength before they materialise as sound.

Our subconscious mind (transmitter) gives off brainwaves (that reflect our beliefs we have about life and people).  These brainwaves are in the form of invisible energy and when they reach a person on the same wavelength (a receiver) can they be matched to their brainwaves. If a match happens where two people have similar beliefs – they are attracted into each others lives.  After this happens our brainwaves are reflected back to us in the form of our beliefs.

These people then “assist” us in creating the situations that are aligned with our beliefs (wavelengths). And if we don’t deal with those hidden beliefs we continue to send out the same brainwaves to different people thus creating the same situations over and over ie repeating the same destructive patterns again and again.

Take love at first sight for example:

Two people see each other across the room and are instantly attracted to one another in a way they can’t explain ie “Love at First Sight”.

Jane was raised in a household where her father was verbally abusive towards her mother. Janes’s mind would have formulated the belief that this behaviour is how a man and woman relate. Despite her consciously believing that being treated like that was abhorrent and vowing to never allow herself to get into the same situation.

So Jane is at a party and in walks Simon. Their eyes lock as they feel that they have found the one perfect mate that will ‘complete” them. In reality this is quite true! As Simon was raised with his father verbally abusing his mother thus growing up believing this is normal behaviour between couples.

Now Jane and Simon are one the same wavelength and so are attracted into each others lives.

Their masks removed

RelationshipAs Jane and Simon start dating they are both on their best behaviour ….hiding the subconscious masks of their childhood upbringing. However over time cracks appear,. Jane sees that Simon can have a temper which makes her scared so she says nothing in case it makes the situation worse. Little do they realise but over time their true colours start to show in their behaviour towards one another. Simon becomes more dominant and aggressive and Jane recedes further and further into herself as she represses the criticisms and judgements Simon projects onto her.

Little do they know that they are both creating the exact same scenario that they had experienced when they were children, the fears and insecurities become more and more powerful as they adopt the role of the same sex parent.

So Jane ends the relationship.

Unfortunately she hasn’t dealt with the subconscious beliefs of her childhood and continues to give off the same brainwaves. A year later she meets Greg who also was raised by an abusive father. The pattern repeats itself.

Again Jane leaves the relationship.  But this time she spends time with a Life Coach who unravels her beliefs behind relationships.  Six months later she meets John who is kind, loving and caring towards her. What’s changed? Jane’s view of herself has changed so now she has more respect and love for herself and now she is giving off different wavelengths.

Situations in Your Life

The same goes for situations in your life. Have you noticed that you keep finding yourself in repetitive situations where you are betrayed, ignored, controlled, conned etc by other people.  This is due to your hidden beliefs you have about life in general.  The same brainwaves attract those people who are on that wavelength and so the same scenarios keep happening to you until you start delving into how you developed those supporting beliefs and cutting the belief at it’s root. Then those situations will stop repeating themselves.

So as you can see unless we deal with our own in securities and fears. Can we  become a whole person .We do this by becoming self-aware enough to know our strengths and weaknesses and loving ourselves unconditionally.  If we unconditionally love ourselves, then as like attracts like – you will attract people who unconditionally love and cherish you.

Pathway To Inner Enlightenment

I have good news for you – I am soon to release a series of ebook workbooks that will help you deal with whatever relationship pattern you find yourself in called “Pathway To Enlightenment”.  Working yourself through these eBook workbooks will enable you to uncover your hidden beliefs and reprogram them so that they serve you instead of sabotage you.  They will be available within the next couple of weeks, so I advise you to Join Us as a member on so you can take advantage of the introductory offer when it is released.

Much Love


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