Relationships – Finding the Right Person

Many people spend years searching for the right person with whom to share their life.

If one relationship falters, your search continues.

The longer your search persists, the more likely you become despondent. Leaving you wondering, When will I find the right love?

Relationships - Finding the Right Person

Relationships – Finding the Right Person

Most of us have been taught to approach relationships like shopping for a pair of shoes: We try on a pair to see how they fit. If they feel uncomfortable, we look for another pair that fit better. Unfortunately, this can result in walking around barefoot for a long time, perhaps growing increasingly calloused along the way.

In relationships, what starts out feeling comfortable tends to grow uncomfortable over time. Afterall, how many of your past romances began with blissful feelings?

Each time, you may have thought, “Finally, I’ve found my soul mate!”.  Then what happened? Conflicts may have begun to happen more often. Then over time, you probably lose touch with those first feelings of love, and start to wonder “Perhaps this isn’t the right one after all?”.

In truth, none of us is ever looking for the right person; we’re looking for the right relationship. We’re looking for a relationship that feels the way we want it to make us feel, leaving us feeling that way forever, without growing uncomfortable or falling apart.

The real question is not about finding the right person, but how to find the right relationship. How can you do that?

By becoming the right person yourself.

If you don’t come to love yourself unconditionally, how do you ever expect to attract someone that will love you unconditionally, warts and all?


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