Procrastination is not an easy habit/belief/behaviour to overcome.

Procrastination is hardwired into our subconscious – which leads to conscious thoughts such as, “I’ll do it later”, “I’ll finish watching this TV show first”, “It’s too hard”, “I can’t do it!’ etc – do these sound familiar?

Then we find we are 10 years further into our lives, only to find out that we are no way near where we imagined we would be 10 years beforehand.  We suffer from the heaviness of regret and disappointment in ourselves and we resolve to do better – only to find that “I’ll do it later”, “It’s too hard” etc pops up again and again causing us more grief and a sense of loss of time in which we could have written that book, or advanced in our careers, started that new business venture.

What happens is that your subconscious (ego) – which is essentially programmed to keep you where everything is familiar, safe and secure – and so it does what it can to keep you in this comfort zone where you don’t have to face your fears, or life changes.

So if you’re continuously being fed messages from your subconscious of “It’s too hard”, “I’m too tired” etc you’ll then FEEL that the task at hand really is too hard to do or your body FEELS too tired to do it…….so naturally your RESPONSE or BEHAVIOUR would be to avoid the task, which repeated over several occasions ends up in PROCRASTINATION.

Fortunately I have been through this myself and have developed a program that will eliminate those subconscious messages and reprogram them so that they serve you instead of sabotage you!!

You’ll feel the benefits of, you’ll:

  • Feel more motivated about life

  • Possess “Habits” that move you forward instead of holding you back

  • Be able to accomplish you lifetime goals more easily

  • Find your life’s purpose

  • Find energy to sustain you to continue to keep going no matter the “excuses”

  • Get twice as much done in half the time



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