NLP for Business Success Program

NLP – Neuro-Linguistic- Programming has become the most powerful tool that anyone can use when dealing with people; staff, customers, senior management, personal relationships.

The success of anything that is important to us are ALWAYS due to the relationships we have with those around us – in one form or another.  If you are able to master the gift of relating to people – you open the golden gates to; opportunities, networking contacts, referrals, sales, an effective team which gets results.

Some argue that NLP can be used to manipulate people into doing things that they would not necessarily decide to do, but it is more about the individual becoming aware of human nature and developing emotional intelligence about themselves.  How one uses the NLP techniques is about utilising what are natural behaviours within humans.  NLP cannot MAKE a person do anything against their own will, (just like someone can’t MAKE me feel angry, unless I allow what they say or do to affect me which results in me feeling angry).  The same applies to NLP.

NLP for Business Program

PART 1 – Foundations

Significantly improve your communication abilities at work (and home)

Develop the Attitudes that count: The mindset for business success

Achieving your Goals: How to set and reach your targets

PART 2 – Verbal and non-verbal communication

Building Relationships at Work: How to get people on your side

Communicating in everyone’s language: Altering your style to suit the listener

The Power of Language: Advanced Speaking and Listening Skills

PART 3 – Some specific Techniques

Organisational and Personal Alignment: Walking your talk

Managing Your Thoughts: How to change the way that you think

The Right State: How to create it for you and others

Seeing Others Perspectives: A Key to Understanding and Insight

Changing the Meaning of Events: Turning Negatives into Positives

Changing Beliefs: Simple and Powerful Ways to alter your thinking

PART 4 – Understanding, influencing and Motivating People at Work

Values: the Key to Motivating and Influencing

A deeper understanding of how to Influence People at Work

PART 5 – Replicating Excellence

Modelling: How to Replicate Excellence at Work


Fees: $6,000 + GST for Full 2 day training for up to 20 members in a group (workbooks at $97 + GST)

Individual: $595 + GST for full 2 day training – on the condition we have 20 enrolled for the program (workbooks at $97 + GST)


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