Mental Blueprints – How Will Your Life Turn Out?

Each of us have a BLUEPRINT for money, parenting, career and relationships.


Your BLUEPRINT comes from how you were raised by your parents or care-givers. From the age of 0 – 7 years you watched and heard their beliefs around finances, marriage, parenting, relationships etc. You also absorbed these same beliefs into your psyche (unconscious).

Memory Cells

There is also evidence to show that just as the body has cell memories – where the older cells transfer their blueprint to new cells as your body renews itself, the same applies to everyone of us as embryos in our mother’s uterus, afterall we are just cells replicating over and over again until we form a human body.  The mother’s and father’s “cell memories’ are passed through our chromosomal blueprint and we come into the world already with predispositions to genetic diseases, codings  – but also the good stuff like character traits.

Role Modeling By Care-Givers

Then after birth we identify with the same sex care-giver who becomes our role model as to how to live our lives.  When you are a child full of wonder an awe of your care givers as God – we don’t have the worldly experience to make educated judgements as to what would serve us and what would sabotage us – so we take the whole lot in.  We then emulate our role models later in life – which explains why a female child grows into and adult and repeats the same patterns of the mother, or likewise with a male child and a father.

In addition to this, we take the opposite sex care-giver role model and we then, as adults, attract partners who have the same characteristics.

The only difference will be if a child, during it’s formative years, creates a conscious belief that they were going to be the exact opposite of this.  An example is of twin brothers who were born to a drug addicted, alcoholic father who was often in prison.  Research proved many years later when the twins were assessed as to their life circumstances – one twin had established wealth, success and a loving family, whereas the other twin was a drug addicted, alcoholic predisposed to criminal activity.

When both were asked, “why did you turn out like this?”, both responded with, ‘Growing up with a father like I did – what do you expect!” One had made a conscious choice, one didn’t.

What does this means to you?

Life Pattern Exercise

Here’s an exercise:

On a timeline of birth to your current age, indicate on the line how old you were when you experience life changing events; children born, married, divorced, boyfriends/girlfriends gained/lost, midlife crisis etc.

Then create a timeline of your same sex care-giver and do the same.

Finally, transpose your timeline over your same sex care-giver and see if there are any commonalities…………you’ll be surprised.

If you don’t see any commonalities, work out the time difference between each significant life changing experience on both time lines.

This would be your life BLUEPRINT – at least if you’ll be able to see any patterns………..a Life Coach can assist you to break the patterns that are locked in your subconscious that will keep recurring .


Warmly Yours

Sue Storey

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