Life’s Outcomes are Determined by Your Responses!

Your decisions and actions will determine your success. Sounds simple…….but

You may like to always remember a simple formula:

E + R = O

Events + Responses (ie your actions and behaviour) = Outcomes

The Outcomes in your life experience are dependant entirely on the Responses you give/take to the Events in your life.

Whilst you may argue that you cannot always control the events in your life, you always choose your own responses to those events. So if you don’t like the outcomes, change your responses! To do that you need to accept that you may need new knowledge. Always work harder on your responses if you want a different Outcome.

So next time your partner comes home from work after a hard day and asks you for some support with (the house, the kids etc) – what will be your response?

I’ll give you a hint: think about what outcome you want to have happen at the end of the night BEFORE giving your response.

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