Life Purpose

Do you feel you have been putting your life on hold for your relationship, or your children who are now all at school.  Often we put others needs ahead of our own, believing that we are serving a higher purpose for the greater good.even though at the end of the day we end up feeling exhausted and empty inside.

Have you ever experienced any of these;

  • Providing the home-care so that your partner can pursue their career

  • Vowing year after that you are going to go back to study to get that quailification so you can improve your career, but never following through

  • Putting off exercise to lose those last 10 kilos

  • Taking up voluntary projects for the local school just so you can use your mind

  • Dreaming of one day writing that book

  • Knowing that you’ve got more to give, but are too tired to start

Have you ever thought that perhaps one day your partner may not be around to financially support you leaving you to fend for yourself and your family? Did you know that you are role modelling for your children and that when they grow up they will be role modelling you and repeating the same behavioral patterns you’re demonstrating? Do you want them to mirror your behavior and choices when they become adults?

You may be so busy that the word procrastination doesn’t seem to apply to you.  But busyness – doing repetitive tasks whilst ignoring the “call” to do something greater and more fulfilling is a form of procrastination.

This program addresses all of the issues that prevent you from taking the action necessary for you to follow through with taking personal responsibility for your own happiness and security for your future.

  • Goal Setting so that you are clear as to what you want to achieve

  • Life Strategy plan so that you know how to reach your goals whilst maintaining balance with all other aspects of your life

  • Building your self esteem so that you have the courage to take on more challenges outside of your comfort zone

  • Accountability so that you can see your progress and be encouraged to keep taking action

  • Coaching support so that you know that you are not on this journey alone



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