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We all have a life purpose – how do I know this? Because we are all blessed with individual talents – abilities to do something better than anyone else, in addition we have unique interests in hobbies, causes, how certain thins work etc. These differences are what makes us unique and if we are unique then we must have a reason for having these talents and passions.

So what is a PURPOSE?

Life PurposeA purpose is a something which you have been born to do – a calling, a mission, a passion that only you are equipped with the right talents etc to fulfil. But unfortunately although many people feel inside that they have a purpose, very few actually take the time and effort to find out what it is and even fewer do what is required to be done although it would enable them to live their lives in a state of bliss and the money will come naturally as you give of your talents and abilities unique to you.

Many of these people, such as Richard Branson (who is passionate about customer service), Bill Gates (passionate about computers and solving world challenges), Mother Theresa (passionate about the serving the poor in India). Although all of these people are famous – there are many, many more people who have written that book, who have spoken to large audiences, who make scientific discoveries, climb Mount Everest and have made massive contributions to society…………….however, you need not climb Mount Everest to fulfil your mission/passion as it can be as simple as teaching children to read, to start a foundation for underprivileged kids, empower abused women or something completely different.

Other People Focussed

It is said that “If you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get everything you want” (money, acknowledgment, recognition, rewards, happiness, joy, a sense of belonging and direction in your life).

***Never wait until the children start school, or they leave home, or when you finish your degree, or whatever other excuse you have to put your life on hold from pursuing your PURPOSE as something will always come up, but you can make baby steps towards your PURPOSE in the meantime, even if it means devoting 30 minutes a day to it – as that will be more than 1000 minutes per year or 20 hours a year, over 5 years is 100 hours.

Fortunately a life coach can explore and and assist you in defining who you are and what you are here on earth to achieve.


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