Life Changes

Life’s challenges like job losses, loss of a child, sickness, traumatic accidents, infidelity, separation, relationship breakup etc can cause deep wounds of blame, guilt, resentment, anger, frustration, grief, worry and betrayal. Carrying these feelings can cause further pain and suffering in your relationships and have ongoing issues with what happens to you later in your life.

 Most people ask “why did this happen?”, but rarely reach out for professional help. Life does send us challenges so that we learn lessons so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes ………even though at the time there seems to be no reason or purpose as to why this had to happen. This can leave us feeling bitter about life and take it’s toll on us mentally, physically, spiritually and financially.

Sometimes there seems no end to the suffering as we seek to understand, and in some cases ‘fix” the situation.  We may even blame ourselves for allowing these things to happen and then internalise the negativity deep down inside us, criticising ourselves endlessly for not being more “responsible”.

Life is not intended to be this way. Fortunately there is hope.  Through a compassionate and empathetic process we can heal the deepest roots of pain and develop the courage to confront what this challenge has brought upon you and your relationship/family.

Through coaching a change in life, you’ll gain the benefits of:

  • Understanding why this has happened to you

  • Uncover & reprogram the beliefs you have created about yourself that’ll affect your life moving forward

  • Release the negative emotions thus avoiding suppressing them as you “pretend” that you are coping

  • Become open to the miracles and opportunities that have come from this life change

  • Receive skills that will help you move through and beyond the ‘shock” of the life change

  • Find solutions as to where you go moving forward

  • Gaining more energy and clarity of mind

  • Create a healthy sense of well-being and assurance that life will only be good from now on.




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