Law of Divine Compensation – Gratitude Creates Money


When it comes to relationships – masculine energy tends to dictate that the male provides for the family through his career and the provision of money.  However most causes of arguments are because of money. The male resents his job (or hides within it – ie workaholism), and meanwhile the family keeps to a tight budget, trying desperately to make ends meet.



Trust me when I say there is an easier way – The Law of Divine Compensation – There are laws governing external phenomena.


GratitudeThe Law of Divine Compensation states that if your mind is aligned with love, any lack in material existence will be met with divine compensation. It is the law by which the universe operates.
In the context of work and money you should view your job as a calling. A calling is the fulfillment of what God has put you on this earth to do, and an affirmation that you are a child of God. A change in how you approach your job, such as viewing it as a calling, will make a world of difference. And since our internal abundance is from where our external abundance is culled, with spiritual substance then comes material manifestation. This manner of thinking will make you more receptive to miracles.


The path of love is not paved with immediate results. It leads you to have deeper relationships built on trust, and relationships as such are very rewarding and bring more good into your life. Choosing love means you recognize that you are put on this earth with a greater purpose and the universe conspires with you to do the good, the holy, and the beautiful.
The Law of Divine Compensation is activated by loving thoughts and deactivated by destructive and unloving thoughts. Whatever you give, you will receive, and what you withhold will be withheld from you.

Thoughts such as:


  • “ I am not good enough.”
  • “I hate whoever is to blame for this.”
  • “I do not deserve another chance.”
  • “There isn’t enough money to go around”
  • “I resent my partner for not earning enough”

In otherwords – any thought of lack – which is the process which we are taught from an early age to think negatively – jeopardises the abundance that the Universe can provide.


 These thoughts of lack, make it impossible for miracles to enter our awareness.  This is especially the case where our thoughts have the power to block miracles.
Therefore, choose your thoughts wisely – make a list of all that you are grateful for and meditate on it each day.  This is what I do!!


How to do it!

I spend 30 minutes each morning meditating of all the things that I am grateful for – my partner and what he provides, my son and that he loves me, my website as it enables me to communicate to the world, my health and the use of all of my limbs, my car as it enables me to get to see my clients and travel, my clients as they teach me as much as I teach them, and even down to the fact that my nails grow.  I found this technique when I was at my lowest point in my life as I could hardly get out of bed.  I found that thinking AND feeling the appreciation of the smallest things I had in my life MOTIVATED me to get up and get on with life.  I still use this process everyday and I find that what I give appreciation for comes back to me in abundance – such as the reliability of my car and safety when driving, (including green traffic lights and parking spots whenever I need them most), new clients that find my service in the most bizarre ways, and financial abundance – not so much in the way of money – although that is ofte the case – but whenever I need something materialistic – it just comes my way in the weirdest way possible (ie significant discounted prices, once-only offers, offers to pay for my way, and even a new car!).

So choose your thoughts wisely – as most importantly you MUST give gratitude for even the smallest things about your partner and what they do for you – even if it is washing up the dishes, or attending a doctors appointment with you, or being able to provide a roof over your head and petrol in your car. Just watch how suddenly they change for the better towards you.

If you are the financial provider of the family – then you need to give love for yourself; appreciation for your body that enables you to work, your job/career, the fact that you can afford your electricity bill that provides you with lights/internet/hot showers/cooked meals…….I guess you’re now getting the idea behind this process by now.


If you can’t afford the time to devote to meditation in the morning – then do it as you go to sleep – after a while of practicing this process, you’ll witness massive changes in your abundance.


I’ve developed a program called Relationship Rescue Made Easy in order to bring all of my knowledge and skills to what works to create the perfect relationship with your ideal partner – even if you are already in a relationship and / or married.  I haven’t finished the program yet, and so I’m offering people who visit the site and register with the opt-in form to have access to the 12 month program for only $17/month.  Once the program is finished I will be increasing the program price to $37 per month (any day now!)


So please visit and register your details in the opt-in box and benefit from 20 years of specialist experience and learning to create the life you only dreamt of.


Warmly Yours


Sue Storey

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