Law of Attraction versus Hard Work

I’ve seen lots of posts about ‘The Secret to Success’ and ‘Law of Attraction’ lately.

These range from ” just work harder” end of the spectrum to the “just allow and the universe will provide” attitude.

Neither one of these positions is right or wrong as such.

You ARE a vibrational being.

That part is inescapable. The vibration you hold will determine what comes into your life.

Yes the ACTIONS you take are important BUT the VIBRATION you hold will ultimately determine how successful those actions are.

Some people only focus on the DOING part of the equation
(what actions should I take? maybe ill just ‘try harder).

hard_work_law_of_attraction 300Other people seem more connected to the BEING part of the equation.

(If I deserve it and I’m grateful then it will just ‘happen’)

Both of these are a HALFWAY understanding of the art of manifestation.

I’ve been guilty of both sides.

Sitting around waiting for something to happen because “I deserve it”.

Breaking my back pushing away at something not knowing the difference between ‘resistance’ and feedback from my soul that I was slightly off track.

It’s not meant to be a struggle and It’s not meant to be a walk in the park either.

Learning how to raise our resonance AND THEN take aligned action from that place is where it’s at.

The universe actually WILL provide.

(If you align yourself fully to what you want.)

You will have to work hard.

(Sometimes. But not in the way that you think)

So what am I saying?

Don’t throw the baby out with the metaphysical bathwater.


Spend time each day doing what connects you to:

Your highest self: meditate, find your passion/purpose, live according to your values and cultivate gratitude (all of these things make your feel good and raises your vibration)

Clearing your blocks: by removing limiting beliefs, and becoming self aware (a Life Coach can help here),


Get clear on your intention of what you want: An intention is a strong thought coupled with a determination to get what it is that you want.

Take key SMALL steps towards your goals each day: write a page of your new book, draft a resume for a new job, research a new career/passion, create a basic budget

The age old formula;



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