Is Life Any Easier With Your Soulmate?

I believe that we each attract to ourselves the person who is the best reflection of who we are ourselves, and therefore relationships are about us learning more about who we are, and how we can grow to be more aligned with our most authentic selves.


Everyone I’ve had in my life, in their own way have been great teachers for me.


As they say, “when the student is ready, a teacher will appear”…..and so it is with love. When we are ready to introduce love into our lives, our soulmates will manifest in our world.


That doesn’t mean to say that being with our soulmate is going to be easy, in fact, it would probably be the best and worst relationship that we’ve ever had. Why? Because our soulmate will reflect back to us the most amazing qualities that we may not even be aware of within ourselves, & at the same time, show us our greatest fears……in essence, it’s You looking in a mirror and confronting what you see…..but what a wonderful way to go through that journey of self-awareness – that is, alongside the very person who can love and support us through – our soulmate. And in turn we love and support them through the journey of self-discovery too.


I wish I had been aware of this well before now, as then I would have been so much more appreciative of the partners I had in my life, and in turn, given more of myself in the process (instead of hiding behind a wall of insecurity). So hopefully, if you’re reading this, then I’ve passed a gift of this knowledge along to you for your benefit of self-growth in your relationships 🙂


However, looking at myself and my life now, I have to say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. As I’ve managed to grow and flourish as a person, through using the feedback offered through my past relationships to overcome my greatest fears, to deal with my hidden insecurities, to acknowledge my most powerful talents and abilities, and to trust who I am.


An amazingly wise man once told me that, firstly two people must each become an I before they can become a We – in truth, this means that before you step into a relationship, it’s important for you to stop and examine what you are holding onto that is linked to the past; the resentments, the sorrows, the expectations, and most of all the Pride ……..and allow yourself to become vulnerable, because it is within this “vulnerable space” you will connect to Who You Really Are; without the masks, without the judgements, without the labels we place on ourselves (and therefore on others too).  For it is once we become vulnerable (ie without the pride and ego of the need to be right)… can submit to the pureness and innocence of spirit – the life force within you that makes you who you are.  Not your body, your personality, your opinions, your experiences, or your beliefs…..but pure and simply YOU!


Once you have spent enough time On Your Own (in that small quiet space when no one is looking in on your life) to find out who You Are – then you are able to form a WE… in a You and Me – a relationship, of WE.  From creating a “We” – you have a magic, a power, a pureness of soul that surpasses all understanding, which makes the “WE”, Invincible!….and just watch each other FLY, achieving greatness beyond all conscious possibilities, in all areas of your lives.


So is this the end of my journey? Not at all……it’s just the beginning, as without all of that emotional baggage I carried around with me for so long …..I am now truly allowing myself to be ME; a fun, playful, amusing, cheeky, adventurous, courageous, trusting, affectionate, loving, generous, thoughtful, faithful, loyal, kind, romantic, sentimental, beautiful, action-taker.


Finally, I’m not going to put any “conditions, judgements, or labels” on the type of person I want in my life – as when the time is right they will manifest in my life, and when they do, there’ll be fireworks every moment of every day for a lifetime.

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