Intuition, Thoughts, Feelings & Emotions – How to tell the difference

You can tell a thought versus a feeling based on where it comes from within your body:


Intuition is a feeling, it’s an inner knowingness – it comes WITHOUT words….and the feeling is felt more around your solar plexus – the space between your guts and your heart space…..and it’s very, very subtle & IT’S ALWAYS RIGHT – IN ALIGNMENT WITH YOUR CORE TRUTH & HIGHER SELF…..intuition is about knowing something that you couldn’t logically know – it just “feels” right or wrong – no words can explain it. This “knowingness” can come out of no where, or it can come when you ask your Higher Self a question (like a prayer).


Thoughts come from your head space (think of a pink elephant – where in your body did you sense the pink elephant? yes, in your head – that’s a thought!)……. a thought is neither right or wrong – it’s just an analysis of the situation…’s just one perspective out of millions of perspectives…. thoughts then translate into emotions (more on this later).


The difference between emotions and feelings …you can feel the softness of your hair, you can feel the heat on your body under a hot shower.  Much the same, you can feel emotions within your body.  The emotion of anxiety FEELS like your heart is beating rapidly, your arms and legs feel either paralysed, numb or pumped full of energy.  The emotion of love feels like your heart could burst out of your chest, and it feels like your whole body full of this warm emotion.


Emotions are ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS preceded by a conscious thought!

Negative emotions usually feel like a knife or something sharp has been shoved into the pit of your stomach, or the base of your heart, or in your head – it feels like an uncomfortable tight sensation taking up small location in your body – this is how cancers are formed ie concentrated negative energy focussing in a small part of your body – breast cancer usually comes from a broken heart, stomach cancer comes from stress (which we feel as a nausea feeling in the pit of our stomachs, or focussed in thoughts in our heads which lead to brain tumors etc).

Positive emotions on the otherhand feel like they expand throughout our bodies, for example, high vibrational emotions like love, appreciation, gratitude feel like they come from the heart and expand all over the body and it feels good.  Note: a good way to cure yourself of an illness is to send it love – as our tendency is to send an illness resentment (which only amplifies it’s already negative vibration on our body). But by sending love (a much higher quality and stronger vibration) to the area which is ill, is like reversing the negative flow of energy, cancelling out the effects the illness has on our body.


As mentioned, thoughts translate into emotions which can make us feel either good or bad and often we then act based on those emotions.  If we feel bad, we often make decisions based on anger, sadness or fear (ie negative emotions) which often lead to poor decisions.  Whereas when we feel good, we make decisions based on love, compassion and appreciation. These lead to good decisions and good outcomes. The decisions we make are perceived by others as our behaviour! So the quickest way to change your behaviour is to change our thoughts that lead to our emotions that lead to our decisions that demonstrate our behaviour.

In fact – the easiest way to change ANYTHING in our lives is to change our PERSPECTIVE (as in how we see the situation)…..all it takes is willingness to see our circumstances differently (see it from someone observing the situation – ie take yourself out of the situation and imagine yourself as a journalist reporting just the facts, not your interpretations, about the situation) which will lead your thoughts to change, to your emotions, to your decisions to your behaviours to your outcomes.

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