How to pull your soulmate into your life

soulmates_thumb[2]Haven’t we all heard that if you look for love you won’t find her or him, but if you live your life as if it is not the most important thing in the world and when you least expect it – the perfect life partner will show up in your life. If you ever followed this advice – how is this working out for you? Chance is – after a while you get grumpy – because it turns out that not only you are not looking for love but also love is not looking for you.

So, what shall you do? Easy. What I’m about to tell you is a little bit different from what you are used to hearing. What you’re used to hearing most likely didn’t get you anywhere yet. And here’s why. We, humans are spiritual human beings and we vibrate with different frequencies. The frequency of love is the highest there is. It is the same frequency of euphoria, joy,  happiness. that’s why we all seek love.

Now, if you are on a low vibrational level with predominant feelings of  despair, neediness, loneliness, pessimism, disbelief, then finding love for you would be really difficult because you’ll be able to only recognize as similar to you people with the same low vibration. In other words – you’ll be looking for love in places where you can’t find her.

There’s one more thing – you can’t fix a low vibrational level with a positive affirmation. The Universe listens to and responds to what is in your heart, not your words. So, how do you change that? To raise your vibration you need to do high vibrational things like

1. Make someone happy

We live in such a fast paced life that we forget that feeling of fulfillment when we help someone genuinely. We know, but we forget that a simple smile, a positive outlook on life, a kind word, a generous gesture, an act of kindness is something that we do, and we should do because of us. Not because of the other person but because of us. Because it makes us feel good. And the more we feel good about ourselves and our life – the higher our vibration.

2. Wake up each day with gratitude

The Secret Masters advise to keep a gratitude journal, to spend your first 5 min of your day thanking the people and the circumstances in your life, looking at how blessed your life is. Now, I’ll make your life easier. No need to keep a schedule, no need to write tons of thanks in journals. No need to do any of that. However – every day take a moment and remember all the reasons you are lucky in life and trust me – you are at least a thousand times luckier than many others.

3. Visualize your soulmate

See, we are vibration, we are energy and the best way we can see that is through our emotions. And we want love because we want to feel good and love feels good. Now, how does love feel? How do you want your soulmate to make you feel? Who in your life brings these types of feelings? These people are not necessarily your one and only, but – they are helping you feel good and the more you feel good, the more you’ll be open for love to enter into your life.

Of course it doesn’t have to be this way. I can help you with a step-by-step process as to “How To Save A Relationship”  and live a happier life. Your first step is to go to


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