How to get over your ex in 3 easy steps

imagesWhen a relationship ends sometimes it is a very emotional, very painful experience. You might think that you had your chance in love and that you’ll live without love, intimacy and tenderness till the rest of your life. Or you might be mad at your ex – for all the things they did, all the things they didn’t do for all the things they said. Or you might feel helpless and powerless, thinking: Why did this happen to me? or – What will I do now.

All these negative feelings keep you stuck in the past, in the pain, in the old relationship. I’m sure that you’ve heard that it’s best to forgive and forget. And as easy as it is to say it – it is very difficult to achieve it. Mainly because of all the pain and suffering a breakup brings with it. So, here’s how to change your mindset so that you can move on with your life and leave the past where it belongs – in the past.

1. Love grows bigger with the separation

One very confusing thing that happens after a break up is that – you just can’t stop loving your ex. Yes – you may be mad at them, even hate them in your guts, but at some level – you still love them. Here’ you need to understand two things. First -just because someone was in your life at a certain point in time – it doesn’t mean that they are meant to stay in it forever.

And second – how long a person stays in your life does not determine how long you will love them. You can keep them in your heart all your life, keep the memory of them in your heart but not have them in your life any longer. Their presence  – both positive and negative in your life has run its course.

2. Holding on to grudges poisons your happiness as well

Ok, with a lot of persistence – you can make your ex be miserable one way or another. And this may even feel good. You know – revenge tastes sweet. But the problem with that is that negative emotions bring your energy down and instead of going out there and living your life to the fullest – you choose to meddle with someone else’s life, as if their life and what they do or don’t do is more important than your own life. I personally think that such devotion is needed only towards your own kids. Exes are already out of your life and there’s no good reason to be hand up on them.

3.  Wish them happiness for your own sake

If you think that I’ll tell you to take the moral high ground and wish them all the best, you’ve got the wrong gal. But, I’ll want you to do something else. I want you to spend one day, thinking about your ex on the top of every hour for 5 full minutes. And in those 5 min, I want you to imagine your ex and give them as many blessing as possible. Start with: To you I offer tenderness. To you I offer unconditional love. To you I offer …. And after every sentence wait for a few heartbeats to receive all that you wished your ex back. The more you give emotionally, the more blessings you wish – the more you’ll get. Give it a try – it works like a charm.

For a step-by-step approach to making these changes happen. Your first step is to go to

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