Holiday Suicides


Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve, Valentine’s Day, Easter

The times of the year when we connect with our families – OR BE ALONE!.


FamilyMost suicides happen during the holiday season due to loneliness than any other time of the year.  The feeling of being unwanted and not needed can consume our world and make us feel as if we arent special to anyone…….that we won’t be missed…..and besides, who would care if we were here or not?

They always accept you just because you are one of them.

But no matter what – our families, irrespective of how dysfunctiona they are, they are always there for us…….at the very least for an invitation to get together.  The most important thing here is that family will always outlast any friendships during these times of year.  Our friends may or may not ask us to these events………but it’s not like it’s a footy game, or a girl’s night out time of event.  These are sacred times of the year where we are to give thanks from our roots as a family for the bountiful lives we were born into – despite that sometimes it doesn’t look like it.

The point is – our family can be more patient than our friends. The older we get the more our friendships change, but our family is always there!  

But I warn you.  Even our families have their limits – especially if they continue to extend invitations to you to join them and for whatever reason, you continue to turn them down……..eventually they will give up. Why? Because just like you – every time you reach out to someone and are turned down, you feel rejected and think, “what’s the point?’.  Until eventually you have had enough and suddenly it just “slips your mind” to invite the person who continues to reject your invitations…….afterall why make the effort when the result is just going to be the same – rejection.

Avoiding the Pain

So I strongly urge you to;

1/ reserve all judgement about your family members – as they are human just like you, they have; experienced pain and suffering in their lives, their insecurities, uncertainties, fears, and frustrations and are trying to do the best they can  with the best they have and know – so have some compassion.

2/ accept their invitation – because if you don’t and make excuses you are leading them to believe that you are not part of the family

3/ TURN UP! Success in life is all about just turning up – because as you get out into the world and expose yourself to new experiences then you allow Providence to move and miracles happen!

4/ FORGIVE – as the past is called the past for a reason.  What happened in the past happened based on where you and the other person (people) where at the time – ie trying to do the best they can  with the best they have and know – so have some compassion.


All you need to do here is be Willing to Forgive – and the miracles will happen!!!


Sue Storey

Relationship Coach

Dip. Life Coaching, NLP Master, Avatar Wizard


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