Heal Your Relationship

Often we have been in a relationship for so long that we have established negative behavioral patterns that just erupt when you see each other.  This is called ‘anchoring”.

 “Anchoring” occurs when subliminally you associate something you hear, see or feel with a strong emotion.  Take for example, when you hear a song that reminds you of a time when you were heartbroken after your first boyfriend dropped you. Or the whiff of a perfume reminds you of the fun you always had at your grandmother’s old house when you were little.  These are sensations that have been anchored into your subconscious as memories associated with a trigger.  In the case of a relationship which isn’t working as well as it could, it’s because each partner has anchored certain feelings to the tone of their partner’s voice, certain words, the look on their face – many things can strike up a subconscious reaction to trigger an argument.

 Alternatively, as you have been raised by a mother & father or a carer, you could have adopted their role modelling as you grew up.  Subsequently you could be repeating the exact same path of decision making as they did.  Although on the surface your life may look very different to theirs, the underlying beliefs can be forged around how to have a relationship. In addition, in some situations you attract the exact same type of characteristics of the opposite sex parent or carer.  This is often the reason why women keep attracting the same type of partner and they wonder why.

 In addition, you and your partner may have just fallen ‘out of sync’ with each other after raising children, undergoing a huge life change or just lack the ability to communicate effectively……seeming to be speaking different languages.

 The secret to any relationship is self awareness of these things and we can eliminate and reprogram these “habits” so they no longer sabotage, but instead, serve the relationship.

 The best bit is that it only takes one person in the relationship to do this program to gain the benefits:

  • Learn how to be heard and communicate your needs

  • Reignite the sense of a loving connection

  • Understand each others “love language” so you can feel loved in the way that it means to you

  • Rebuild the sense of togetherness where you feel you can trust your partner has your best interests at heart

  • Forgive and let go of any issues of betrayal

  • Have fun again as you use to when you were first dating



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