Give the Ego a Wash – Grief

When you feel all that you love has been lost – cry, and let all of the grief wash through you!!! If you hold those feelings inside suppressing them, then the Universe picks up on those negative emotions and you can’t attract the good things in your life that you want.

People saying, “It’ll be OK” when you know that your life will never be the same again is insane! Feel the pain from the depths of your soul and let it out – cry, scream, hit something, yell – do whatever it takes to get those feelings up and out of your system.

No, your life will never be the same again! But I guarantee there will be more good times afoot, even if it comes in the form of a pathetic joke from your brother to get you to smile. Heartache is painful, but once you release your grief, you’ll feel so much more at peace with your situation. No, you won’t forget about it – but when you think about it, the sharp stab in the gut won’t be there.


Angela and John lost their 2 year old daughter in a swimming pool accident. Angela blamed John and John blamed Angela. How could something like this happen? Angela was inconsolable and John withdrew into himself. They grew further and further apart in their separate quests to find peace. Little did they realize that they had both suffered the same loss and they both resonated the same grief. Fortunately they came to see me. Helping them realize that they both carried the same pain and anguish helped them seek solace in each other, rather than external influences. Sure, others were hurting too, but on a different level; grandparents, cousins, uncles & aunts etc. But the rawness of the situation could only be felt by those who endured the loss the greatest.

Share your grief with your support network and clear the energy of sorrow so that it can be replaced in time by joy; butterflies in the wind, the sunset over the ocean, the laughter of children. Just as there is an ending, there are always new beginnings……and yes, eventually everything will be ok.

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