Get Happy Through Gratitude

Humans are by far the most complex of organisms yet need to be reminded of some of the most basic things in life, such as being gateful. Many do not realize that a simple; thank you – can go a long way to appease your inner demons. Finding happiness through gratitude is one of the simplest yet true statements out there.

Be grateful for everything in your life. There is always a silver lining in every situation, no matter how it may seem. Even in when in grief, you should be grateful that you are still alive after the ordeal – as then you can make a difference to others – and change the world in so many ways. During this time of year – the Christmas season – if someone brings you a gift that you do not like, be thankful that they brought you a gift in the first place. By being thankful you will always remain in a positive vibration. Highly appreciative people attract so much more into their lives (as like attracts like) than ungrateful people who will also attract ungrateful people, situations and relationships into their life (just as like attracts like – funny that hey?)

PerspectiveYou should treat every moment as a gift – that’s why it’s called the PRESENT!. Remember that life can be changed at any moment and and so, you should use each thought you think as it is your last.  

Put it this way – if you spend 15 – 30 minutes meditating on what you are grateful for – you will attract more of the same.  The moment that you seek to criticise those very people and circumstances in your life – you’re going to create the exact same situations.

In a way, you need to spend your last thought as if it is your last. Every second should be treated as important as the last. With such an attitude you will end up being in a positive mental vortex, feeling energised, positive and grateful. You will start to tap into who you really are and what you want out of life.  As you meditate on what you are grateful for – amazing moments of clarity will come your way!  You’ll get BFO’s – BLIND FLASHES of theOBVIOUS – in otherwords, as your mind is focussed on abundance it will give you answers to solve your problems and make your life so much better. Subsequently you feel happier, and then your world becomes more abundant – and as long as you keep meditating on what you are grateful for – it is a cyclical situation.

Being appreciative, makes people around you happy as well. Joy is one thing that you can pass on from one person to the other. Simple gestures as a smile will often be met by another smile. A simple thank you is enough to cheer another up. We should therefore take it upon ourselves to cheer everybody around us, because when they are happy you feel happy as well.

Gratitude gains you freedom.

Because almost everything around you becomes positive, your worst type of scenario could be (through gratitude) a much more valuable situation. These kind of positive people have been seen to generate company empires through getting a situation that everybody else imagined being bad and creating something awesome from it. Positive vibes can allow you be a healthier happier individual. Beneficial folks have been considered to be a less susceptible to disorders and aging.

Thankfulness helps you do what you love in life. Many people work where what they do is a means of making money and for no other reason. But it should be known that a thankful person will either find a job that he is happy at, or learn to love what they do by just appreciating what they have.

Having gratitude has been thought by many scholars, to be the source of true love. Love in definition is accepting all your partner flaws and taking them as they are. This definition is so close in comparison to that of being grateful. The two work hand in hand to help you get you the perfect match as your companion.

Gratitude is a wonderful characteristic to have. It makes life much simpler and you do not dwindle on past mistakes instead you focus forward. This is one character that is essential for your happiness, it would be very beneficial to start being thankful for the little things in life.

HOWEVER – if you decide “life is so great, I don’t need to meditate on what I am grateful for” – then slowly your life will start to unravel, leaving you wondering why this is so.

I have developed a program called Relationship Rescue Made Easy that enables you to release the past and reach a state of complete and permanent happiness and joy – just from doing the exercises you will become an attraction magnet which cannot be undone. It’s all about the relationship you have with yourself and is only $37 per month for 4 lessons every month, plus bonuses – you can just do the exercises and you are guaranteed results or your full money back – no questions asked.

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