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How-To-Become-Your-Ideal-Self-eBook_Cover-250x400Click on the Link below to download your eBook:

How To Become Your Ideal Self eBook


Learn what it takes to become more self aware to become your authentic self and appreciate who you REALLY are!


Chapter 1 – Who You Are Vs. Who You Must Be

Chapter 2 – Having The Courage To Be Yourself

Self-Analysis Exercise

Chapter 3 – Determining Your Own Path Through Life

Chapter 4 – Becoming Self Reliant Emotionally And Financially

Chapter 5 – Healthy Relationships

Chapter 6 – Learning How To Become Yourself

Chapter 7 – Rediscovering Your True Feminine

Chapter 8 – FEAR – What is it and How to Deal With It

Thank you for taking the time to read my eBook


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“Secrets To Managing A Stress Free Life”

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Why life doesn’t usually turned out as planned?
3. When the “why” is strong enough, the how becomes easy
4. How to create a purpose vision board
5. How to design your life
6. How to manage your time
7. Critical tools

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