Fear of Being Found Out!


Fear of Being found out – that we are not the person others believe us to be.  Who you truly are is what you are like behind the closed doors when no one is looking – what habits do you hide, what secrets do you have, what thoughts do you keep to yourself.  So you put on a mask of who you believe society will accept as “well-adjusted human being”…………  yet at the same time using an enormous amount of energy in hiding, lying, excusing, minimising  those behaviours that you feel society (especially your family and friends) would be shocked and therefore reject you – if they found out about you.

Mask of Illusion

SecretsYour  insecurities you hide behind the mask that portrays you as confident, self assured on the outside  – drives the inner fear  that eventually you’ll be “found out’ to be a fraud. The fact that you secretly find your partner’s debrief of their day’s events is boring, you still feign interest, is still a secret. Wearing name brand clothes and driving the latest model car to demonstrate that you are successful, whilst hiding massive debt – is a secret. Hiding addictions; drugs, gambling, drinking etc to excess are also secrets that take a lot of energy to maintain.

Well guess what –

WE ALL carry the fear of being found out!!!

We are all faking our way through life, that we are inadequate in what and who we are on the surface.

You may believe that you have everyone fooled – but there is no fooling ourselves.  But if you feel that who you are in secret would be at best frowned upon by society, or at worst could lose everything meaningful to you – family, career, friends, money – IF we were found out – is what fuels ‘the mask’.

But never fear – you can release ourselves from the lies even you convince yourself that are “ok”.

Although while no one can see into your “secret world”, to judge you – you inadvertently judge yourself –  what a burden you have to carry?   Release yourself from this burden through secret confession.


Write a letter to the person you feel you have hurt (NB; You will NOT be sending this letter) – maybe you have:

  • stolen cash from your work,
  • falsely claimed social benefits,
  • been unfaithful to your partner,
  • resent the burden having a family bears on you,
  • that you fake your way through your job,
  • the lies that you have made about your life to advance your relationship/career/ or
  • any other aspect of your life which you feel takes up a lot of your thoughts

You need to write down

  • that you genuinely accept the personal responsibility of your actions.
  • how are you going to make amends (even though the hurt party will NOT be receiving your letter)  you can make amends indirectly – the greater the burden these secrets have on you, the greater the amends needs to be so that you FEEL the pain as it would have been inflicted on another – give money to a charity, do some good deeds to the person you hurt, do some overtime without being expected to be paid, replace the money and some that you may have stolen. – but whatever it is it needs to be something that is going to stretch your comfort zone, just as much as it would stretch your comfort zone if others found you out.  Only through the lightening of someone else burdens can you lighten your own burdens.
  • Make a decision to never repeat them again (no matter how justified it seemed at the time to do follow through on these secret behaviours)
  • Forgive yourself – you are human and through this process you would have released massive pain and suffering in your life.



With Love




 Pathway To Inner Healing

Refer to my “Pathway To Inner Healingt” templates for Forgiveness, Addictions, Anger, etc or whatever challenge you are facing, will enable you to heal yourself and your relationships .  Working from the inside out – you will heal yourself emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.  The aim of this program will help you to delve deep into why you feel you need to carry these secrets.  Revealling to yourself as to the reasons behind your secrecy will awaken you the power within you to attract a more prosperous life.

Details of this program will be released very soon as a series of 12 templates that can be used individually, but are best used as a whole program as you deal with ALL self limiting beliefs with the final template to help you create the perfect life for you!

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