Ego Manipulates


Our Egos are what’s keeping us so miserable, as Ego doesn’t let us share our truth with those people we attract in our lives due to the fear of rejections, being made wrong, causing conflict, creating unsettling family and work environments.

So what do we do if we are not speaking our truth? We are continuously manipulating others by saying what we think will; keep the peace, please others, avoid confrontation etc – all so they love us and not reject us. Subsequently we avoid dealing with the pain that fear of rejection brings us.


Programming from Childhood

We do this because when we were babies we instinctively cried when we wanted love from our carers in the form of; food, cuddles, attention, etc

Unfortunately as we got older, the crying no longer got the response from our carers that we needed.  So we learnt other behaviours such as tantrums, sulking, yelling etc – to get what we wanted……when in fact we were learning to manipulate our carers to respond to our needs. Meanwhile we are watching our carers role model behaviours to get their needs met ie lying, people pleasing, keeping secrets, yelling, controlling etc

Fast forward to adulthood, and we’ve learnt from our carers all the ways necessary to manipulate others in the hope others will meet our needs (and make us feel accepted and loved unconditionally). We hide behind identities (or masks) of self-confidence and satisfied with our lot in life.  But subconsciously we still habor the need to feel that unconditional love from another.

Looking for External Answers

The problem with this is that we are looking externally to other people (relationships) and material things to make us feel loved– instead of taking personal responsibility to love ourselves.

The bottom line is that we are here on Earth to love, give and to grow. These 3 are the needs of the Spirit! Its purpose is to give unconditional love to yourself, others and in everything that happens in life.  Sadly, through this childhood programming we learnt that not our needs were not met despite our attempts to manipulate to feel loved.

However, the power has always been within us.  And when we can love ourselves unconditionally, with the; extra 10 kilos, our insecurities, our imperfections – then we finally beat the Ego at its own game (The Ego makes us focus on fears of how inadequate we are) and instead we align with Source/Spirit/Universe/God then miracles happen, and you get to create Heaven on Earth in your reality.

So how do we come to love ourselves unconditionally – I am creating an online course which will teach you to love yourself unconditionally – but for now:

Here’s an Exercise:

Say; “I love myself” quietly to yourself 50 times DAILY. 

If this feels uncomfortable for you – then start with something easier as “I accept myself the way I am”, “I’m coming to accept myself more and more each day” and then move on from there.

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With much love




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