Ego is NOT Success!

Understanding the six core needs of the ego will help you appreciate whether someone is talking from the heart space or from the ego.

I will also be blending these six core needs of the ego with the three universal fears and the reason being is that the ego operates from fear. The ego lives in the head, the ego is a place that we go to for protection, thus causing us to fear.

God versus EgoWayne Dwyer said that, “ego stands for edging-God-out”. Because whenever we communicate from our heart space we come from a place of who we truly are and we’re we are never misunderstood.

First of all is need to understand the principle above the line versus below the line thinking. As it relates to the Ego.

Above the line below the line thinking

determines your success or lack of in your life. Above the line behaviour is when we take 100% personal responsibility for everything in our lives including;

  • results or nonresults.
  • actions and non-actions.
  • the choices and decisions we make

Below the line thinking

is when we are responding to victimhood. It’s where we have the perception that we are the martyr, the world is at fault, other people are to be blamed and that it has nothing to do with me as it’s not my fault. It’s a place where a lot of excuses live as some people put it “I have my reasons”.
The Ego has got a lot of investments in living below the line as it:

  • opposes growth,
  • does not like progress or
  • change or unpredictability
  • it likes sameness.

The ego is merely a mechanism to know when we need to fight or flight, as it taught is how to keep ourselves alive.

It is purely there to remind us of survival and the fundamental rules of gravity, the need for oxygen, how to make a fire, had a hunting gather,.

But now that we are living in a society where that flight or fight response is no longer required, Ego’s in a position where it just creates various identities that we carry around with ourselves about who we are.

So when you come from a place of the Ego your’e coming from a place of mental restriction in the mind. Ego takes us out of our heart and into our heads. Being in our heads times is sometimes required of course but there is a balance between being in your heart and being in your head.

In the next Blog I’ll address the 6 Core Needs of The Ego so you can recognize them when they appear.


Warmest Regards


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