Ego Attachments – Losing a Loved One

What none of the spiritual leaders acknowledge is that life sends challenges ALL of the time. So it’s not a matter of dropping all of our responsibilities to go to a sacred mountain or ashram and spend months finessing the skills of detachment. Because if we were detached from everything external to our lives, then what’s left? just ourselves! Problem solved.

Losing a Loved One?

Emotional and spiritual attachmentsRight now my father is dying from lung and stomach cancer and has been admitted into an aged care facility. This is the man who I turned to whenever I was abused by my past partner……..who always promised me that while he was still alive I would never be homeless as I could live with him (although he lives interstate). But just knowing I had somewhere safe to go to gave me the courage to continue on. After leaving the abusive relationship, and whenever I felt depressed my Dad would call me each night when I was living in an attic, by myself, just so I could share my worries. Now he is being taken away from me……….and on top of that I’ve still got my share of other problems which I need to confront. So when these ‘preachers” say to be PRESENT and in the MOMENT – and everything will be safe and peaceful….is a challenge when you’re losing an attachment to a loved one. It hurts badly!

Unfortunately we have responsibilities and even if we could leave everything behind to “find ourselves” is impractical. So what are we to do?

What To Do?

VENT – share with your support system the hurts that you feel – as the good part of being human is the ability to relate to problems such as this with compassion and empathy.

FEEL THE FEELINGS – cry, write in a journal, beat a cushion……release the emotions within so they don’t get suppressed and then manifest later in life at inappropriate times.

ACCEPT we are only HUMAN – pain is an indication of an issue that needs to be dealt with – allow it to express itself in whatever way it wants to, and be kind, gentle and patient with yourself.

Learn the lesson – accept what has happened to you is a lesson that you need to learn and the sooner you learn it, the better – as you won’t repeat the same situation again in life once you learn the lesson. Ask yourself, ‘What is the part that is most painful about this situation?’ betrayal and loss (attachment to something) are the most common.

Help to alleviate the suffering of someone else – this will take your attention off of your own concerns and put life in perspective for you.

When we realise we are attached to something important to us, realise that everything is TEMPORARY! Everything is LENT to us – that we don’t “own” anything as we can’t take it with us when we leave this life.

Ego Loves`Attachments

Ego loves attachments to people and things in our life as they represent the security that the Ego is so fearful of losing. Bottomline, Ego carries a LOT of fears……in particular, the fear of loss as with that comes the fear of loss of security and love be it through people or materialistic means. The only power you have at your disposal is the power of the NOW! Time doesn’t exist – it’s a perception made up by the mind to justify the continuous moments of NOW – so what is your next moment of NOW?? – so how do YOU choose to spend you next moment of NOW???

If you need any help moving through a life challenge or change – please contact me on and I’ll be there for you. With much love through your journey Sue

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