Ego and Loneliness


Your partner chooses to go out alone to do their own thing, leaving you to be alone with the kids – or worse, to be all alone! You start to wonder whether it’s you that they are escaping from or having an affair – whatever it is – they are choosing something else over you as their priority and it hurts!

Or does it?

The ego needs someone with whom it can express its identity – be it partner, mother, worker, otherwise it feels scared.

Ego and Identities

Ego 2I spend a LOT of time on my own as I work from home and so I know my ego needs to keep busy, otherwise it will start to think of all the reasons as to why I am alone, creating fictional stories about what could be going on without knowing the facts……..making me more scared and fearful.  Why do we do this to ourselves?

So when our partners do come home to us we shun them by giving them the silent treatment as we’re feeling as though they have neglected our needs. I turned to working at 3am in the morning to escape the loneliness I felt during the day when my partner went out.  I felt the night time was comforting as everyone was sleeping around me – that in a way I had company………..although there was no one with whom I was sharing my identity!

The point is that ego seeks to reflect itself through other people and thus establishes that it does in fact exist.  Take out ego, and who are we? What are we?

The truth is that our ego truly shows itself in those small quiet moments in which we are all alone – do we take drugs, drink, steal, lie, manipulate, keep secrets?……anything that we carry guilt over or know that is not servings us – but I assure you, that’s normal!  Because that’s what (not who) we really are…….what we do in secret, without anyone looking…….that is a reflection of what our EGO really is.

The ego carries so many identities that are reflected through other people (please see my blog on Relationships) that it blocks anyway that we can truly express who we really are.  Take away the identities and the ego truly shows what it is – thus is the power of ego!!

So what are we to do?

We need to come to a place of complete and utter trust in Source/Universe/God/Spirit and then we have a feeling of ‘coming home”……….however the journey to do this is one of becoming self aware of who we really are and that could be a long and painful journey (in that we need to confront some things about ourselves that may make us feel uncomfortable, but very, very liberated at the same time)……so I am developing an online course “Total Inner Healing” that will gently allow you to become self aware (as in knowing who you really are) that I’ll be releasing very soon.


My love always through your journey


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