Dealing with Difficult People – This will Change Your Life!


Whenever an emotional issue arises within you that bring up painful feelings, it’s a sure sign that something painful needs to be dealt with.

Emotional Issues

Whether you feel angry, sad or fearful, the cause is based on something that has happened in your past. Later in life when we come across a similar event as we experienced in childhood, it triggers feelings that we have repressed.  Remember, that as children we didn’t have the skills to deal with traumatic situations, and so in order to protect us from suffering pain, the subconscious suppresses the memory of it along with the emotions.

Dealing with Difficult peopleSay, you repeatedly keep encountering angry bosses that make you feel attacked, wrong, angry, frustrated etc.  That is because when you were a child you had a traumatic experience around  an angry teacher or another person in authority.  From that experience you created a belief about yourself or about people in authority eg. “They are bullies”, or “I’m not good enough – so I deserve to be bullied” etc.  Then later in adulthood and you unconsciously come across someone who is similar in nature to that angry teacher, then your subconscious recreates the same emotional responses as you experienced as a child. This is the subconscious’s way of saying, “Hey, I was hurt back then, here is an opportunity to heal myself of this “belief’!”

Now, if you’re not aware of what is actually happening, you will just keep blaming the other person for being angry and hard to get along with.  However, if you become self aware of the processes written about on this website – you’ll recognise it for what it is – a chance to undo the belief and therefore stop repeating it in your life.

Sounds easy enough……. so how do you do it.

DO this – It’ll change your life!!!

Well, you write down all of the aspects about the other person that you dislike about them.

Then you ask yourself, “who does this remind me of?” – it might be your Dad, or Mum, the Head Master at your school, a high school bully etc

It could even be a few people – just remember that even if your boss is a man, it doesn’t mean that it was a male figure in your past… it could also be female.

Then regress to how old you were when this person was in your life, and think of a time when you felt the same way about them…….a particular situation is best.  Immerse yourself in that memory – really feel as though you are really there and that it is happening right now.

Let the feelings of anger, frustration etc rise up inside of you – and then go an bash a cushion or a pillow with a bat…….really let those emotions out.  If you need to have a really good cry, then let it out……sob until you have no tears left.

All the time, imagine the person from your childhood is right in front of you – tell them how they hurt you (you may want to do this somewhere private), use language you would not usually use and just let them have it!!  Confront them on how they made you feel – yell, scream at them until you feel you’re finished.

Then you watch the shift in the “angry” boss the next time you see him or her……….I promise it will be magical!  However, if you are experiencing any more feelings – then just do the exercise again………becuase your energy would have shifted so much – enough so that even the other people will sense it and they will change magically before your very eyes.

Do it and it’ll change your life!!!

In summary, EVERYTHING IN OUR LIVES HAPPENS FOR A REASON – which is to bring us closer to our authentic selves!! Or who we really are without all of the layers of programming. Life is not suppose to be about pain and suffering, it’s meant to be a journey of discovery to bring us back to a place in which we are connected to All That Is.


All of my Love


Diploma Life Coach



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