“Your Best Year Yet”

Beat Procrastination! – Double Your Productivity in Half the Time 

Does this sound too good to be true?  Well it is possible with this new workshop program.

What would you do to have “Your Best Year Ever”?

Or, what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

  • Make extra $000’s in income? Buy that new car? Pay off your creditcards?  Take that long awaited for holiday?
  • Have a wonderfully fulfilling relationship with your spouse / partner – or even find your soulmate?
  • Lose that excess weight? Get your health and fitness back on track?
  • Give up an unhealthy habit? Create new healthy habits that are sustainable well after the program ends?
  • or, how about ALL of the above??

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it??! Well, here it is – the program you have been waiting for!

Why is this Program So Unique?

“Your Best Year Ever” is a quality researched program based on “the key decisions that an individual or organisation needs to get right in order to thrive over the course of a year”.  The Program is a fully documented, systematic process as to how to accomplish these key decisions to enable you to make this year – Your BEST Year Ever!!! Not only is it very AFFORDABLE, but you get unprecedented support and substance that is not found in any other coaching program!

You get a 200 page manual

“Your Best Year Ever” Strategic Planning “Blueprint” for success.

You get Personal Life Coaching –

for the 12 month duration of the “Your Best Year Ever” Program.

Initial Planning Session

an intensive one-to-one session to determine your personal or business vision for the 12 months ahead.  Your vision is then broken down into 3 or 4 major goals you are fully supported to reach to ensure you have the best year EVER!!

12 Life Coaching Sessions

each month thereafter, you will meet with your coach to:

  • develop daily micro-steps you need to do to ensure you keep on track for the month ahead,
  • review of your progress of your strategic plan of the previous month to keep you on track, and
  • cover the Empowering Topic for that month that will ensure your personal growth continues

Each Coaching Session will take approximately 30 – 45 minutes.

Why 12 months?  

Because we want you to develop the new healthy habits of taking action so that it is a natural behaviour for you – so goodbye to procrastination for ever!

Free Introductory Presentation

To book your FREE Introductory Presentation which will only take approx 40-50 minutes – where a coach will give you a obligation free talk (from which you will see a significant increase in productivity, straight after the intro talk only).

Individuals: Most people like to book a talk afterhours

Group Presentations: These presentations are often for organisations where there are a number of attendees, and are usually held during staff meeting times. For more information…..please click here


Thank you and I certainly look forward to working with you!!

After you click on the “Sign Up here” link below – you will be prompted for your coach’s name, please enter: Sue Storey

(Note: You, your whole business, or organisation will experience a significant increase in productivity after the Introductory Talk alone!!!)

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