Anxiety / Depression

Anxiety and/or depression can hit us at any stage of our lives and it may not be triggered by anything. However when we don’t address issues in our lives, they can fester deep down inside of us.  This often occurs when you don’t feel as though you can express yourself clearly to others to have your needs met.  You may have gone through a significant life challenge like a job loss, financial worries, infidelity etc. Or you may be stuck in a relationship rut where for many months or years you have felt as though you can’t openly share your feelings and emotions.

You may have some of these symptoms;

  • Ruminating thoughts about a certain event or situation(s)
  • Lacking enthusiasm for life
  • Feeling anxious for no reason
  • Feeling scared but not sure why
  • Feeling hopeless and uncertain about the future
  • Not getting any joy out of the things that use to make you happy
  • Unable to relate to people on any meaningful level
  • Not feeling as there is any purpose in life
  • Not being able to do simple tasks that you use to do easily
  • Procrastination
  • Feeling alone even when surrounded by people

If other professions such as Doctors have not been able to help then coaching can certainly can help you break free of this overwhelming situation.

Anxiety and depression is more common today than it ever was. Coaching can get you back on track so that you can benefit by;

  • Finding your life purpose

  • Feeling positive about who you are

  • Gain energy and mental clarity

  • Feel invigorated for life again

  • Relate to your loved ones on a deeper and meaningful level

  • Understand why this happened to avoid it happening again

  • Learn skills to help you easily cope in difficult situations

  • Empower yourself to speak your truth and be your authentic self

  • Eliminate the cause of whatever it was that started this cycle



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