6 Secrets Why Your Ego Creates Misery #3


Ego needs DRAMA!

We all have an addiction to drama.

The question lies as to whether you have a sustainable, healthy way of experiencing drama or do you have a negative pattern of seeking drama in unresourceful ways.

ChangeUnresourceful – Victim’s approach to fulfil Ego’s need for “Drama”

This refers to those people who are emotionally reactive to life and respond to others through blaming, making excuses and denying they are ever wrong. These people fulfill their need for drama by negative patterns such as watercooler gossip, spreading rumours, saying nasty things about others.

Drama to these people is all about throwing the proverbial “spanner in the works” to create some variety and some spice in very unhealthy ways. A lot of people will unconsciously self sabotage in other ways such as quitting their jobs, ruining friendships just to create the feelings of drama.

Resourceful – Responsible approach to fulfil Ego’s need for “Drama”

The healthy outlet for the need to drama is like watching “the bold and the beautiful” or movies and shows on TV.  These are safe ways to fulfill this need as it doesn’t harm other people in any way. Other ways are through expressing oneself at football matches and conversing with mates about team performance and players and coaches.

In otherwords, feeling the intensity and the stressors of competitive sporting events or dramatic plots in daytime soap operas and other such sources of entertainment like reading storybooks, watching movies are all healthy outlets as long as it’s not hurting or offending others.

You cannot get rid of these needs of the Ego

Because on some level they serve us as well as holding us back. The Ego plays a critical role in your life as that part of you that creates the sense of separation from ALL THAT IS (God/Source/Universe). Ego is a part of you, essentially to protect you from harm.

So the question is do you have any healthy outlets to fulfill your Ego needs as it’s normal, healthy and necessary to have these needs met. Although there are some people who believe that this is wrong so they suppress their needs, but eventually the tipping point happens and suddenly they unconsciously create a crisis in their reality which not only affects them, but also others in the process.


Warmest Regards


Sue Storey

Relationship Coaching, Castle Hill, NSW

Diploma Life Coaching




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  1. Good day! Icould have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyhow, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll bee bookmarking and checking back frequently!

    • Wow – you’re awesome – thank you for reminding me that I’m still touching lives out there as sometimes even I get fearful……and yes, I know all of the techniques and knowledge but I’m also human too. In fact, as I write this, I’m going through a massive life challenge that I never, ever thought I would have to go through – the challenge of losing everything I love – in otherwords, my ego’s attachments, and yeah, it’s scary, really scary, really really scary. It would be easier just to curl up under a duna and wish my life away….but despite the chills down my spine, the nausea, the lump in my throat…..and just like so many past experiences – I know without a doubt – that the moment I feel like I’m about to die, I’ll give up (ie the struggle of trying to keep all of the piece’s together (which is ego)) and I’ll surrender to whatever Higher Power there is….as all that would be left to do is TRUST. Trust that it will all work out, trust that there is something else better after this awful challenge Huh, it’s funny why we can’t just hand it over from the start, but that is not how we are programmed. No matter how much we know we need to do, the ego will fight to the end as it’s designed to protect us from harm. The only way I know that is a sustainable way of getting through these traumatic periods in life is through daily meditation and prayer……as helps you to gain clarity about the higher order of things and keeps you connected to your Higher Self – in otherwords, the level where miracles occur.
      So thank you for the opportunity to respond to your comment. Blessings Sue XX

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