Family Coaching

Separation, fighting, remarriage, step families can often have a dramatic effect on children from a marriage. Although children are considered resilient in that they adapt easily to different changes in situations, it doesn’t mean that they remain unaffected by what goes on around them.  In fact, most of their fundamental beliefs that they form as adults come from their interpretation of what happens under these circumstances maybe even causing them to repeat the same mistakes their parents made.

The unfortunate situation with children is that life just “happens” to them.  Situations are not fully explained to them and so they formulate their own views based on what little information they have managed to obtain through closed door conversations etc. based on what little life experience and resources they have.

In the meantime they are watching the role modelling of their carers.  For example, a girl will take after her mother and a boy will take after his father when they become adults – as these were the only references they had when they were growing up as to how to make decisions and choices when they are older.  Later in life they exhibit the same behaviour, and on the occassional situation – exhibit the direct opposite behaviour of the same sex carer. To add to this, a child will most likely marry a person much like the opposite sex carer. These issues are the direct result of how children grow up to become who they are.

Subsequently as children grow into their teenage years, they are already ‘trying on” these behaviours and as well as their hormonal changes – they often feel lost and confused as they muddle their way through developing their identity as to who they really are.

Subsequently you may have a teenager or adult children who are making mistakes that are concerning you. They may be troublesome, getting involved with the wrong type of people, being rebellious, can’t get their ‘act’ together, not contributing to the family, not doing what they’re being told, taking drugs or drinking, skipping school, shy and reserved, anxious and depressed, suicidal……..and many other issues of concerns.

Some benefits of family coaching are to;

  • Understand why your children are doing what they are doing and how you can help

  • Reveal their underlying beliefs about themselves and who they are

  • Reprogram any beliefs that are sabotaging their young lives so that they don’t make wrong decisions

  • Empower them to be able to speak their truth

  • Learn skills as to how to respond to difficult circumstances that best suits both you and them

  • Rebuild their self esteem so that they can assert themselves when faced with adversity



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